Adventures of a LEGO Photographer Taken with an iPhone by Andrew Whyte | via

Photographer Andrew Whyte has found a new way to incorporate LEGOs into the world in his 365-day series, The Legographer. The whimsical collection features a little LEGO figure placed into all kinds of fun and unexpected settings around town. We catch only a glimpse of the toy photographer’s face as he composes the perfect landscape or ventures beyond the known and into the crevices of a brick wall.

The project is a playful exploration of the world from a ground perspective. Viewers will find themselves enjoying the landscapes and scenery but also feeling a sense of curiosity about the LEGO figure and where he might end up next.

Whyte created the entire series with his iPhone and, although there were some technical challenges, he found that the process allowed him to be spontaneous with his creativity. He says, “For a year, the minifigure was like my own model whom I could pose and compose—something that’s seldom needed in my real work. So despite occasional frustrations, honestly I had so much fun and I continued to learn a lot about photography throughout.”

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A veces uno amanece con ganas de extinguirse, Rocamadour. Como si fuéramos velitas sobre un pastel de alguien inapetente. A veces nos arden terriblemente los labios y los ojos y nuestras narices se hinchan y somos horribles y lloramos y queremos extinguirnos. Seguro que ahora no comprendes esto, pero cuando seas mayor habrá días en que amanezcas con ganas de que un aliento gigante sople sobre ti, apagándote. Así es la vida, Rocamadour, un constante querer apagarse y encenderse.
Rayuela, Julio Cortázar. (via chicacenizas)